Admit One by Wendy Yondorf

A silly, funny, thoughtful two-hander starring little old me with the lovely and talented Catherine LeFrere.   At New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch, NJ

By Wendy Yondorf, Directed by Karen Carpenter, Lighting by Jill Nagel, Sound Design by Merek Royce Press, Costumes by Patricia E. Doherty, Sets and Props by Jessica Parks, Technical Director Michael “Rusty” Carroll, and of course Stage Managed by Jennifer Tardibuono

Starts January 16 and runs through February 16, 2014

What’s next? “A Most Dangerous Woman” by Cathy Tempelsman

Starting in August I begin rehearsals for a new play on the life of George Eliot.   Written by Cathy Tempelsman, “A Most Dangerous Woman” is a world premiere at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

It explores the extraordinary life of Mary Ann Evans — better known by her pen name George Eliot. An outcast living a socially unconventional life, Evans was forced to write under an assumed name, not only to escape having her work judged by virtue of her gender, but to avoid having it judged by virtue of her scandalous life. Ironically, her success as George Eliot only led her deeper and deeper into a world of secrets and deception.

Directed by Richard Maltby, Jr. with Aedin Moloney as Miss Evans.   Photos to come.

(Oh and apologies to STNJ for lifting the above text from their website )


Moliere’s “The Misanthrope” adapted by Martin Crimp

Chris Burke as Julian and me as Alex in the Quintessence Theatre Group production of this modern adaptation. We closed on Sunday after a luxurious 11 week contract.  For more pics check out

Chris Burke as Julian and me as Alex (sleeeeazebag agent)

For more pics check out

Arms and the Man – by G.B. Shaw

Mattie Hawkinson as Louka and me as Paul Petkoff in Arms and the Man

So finally Arms and the Man opened at The Quintessence Theatre Group in Philadelphia.  This weekend we open Martin Crimp’s adaptation of The Misanthrope.   Today is Misanthrope photo call, rehearsal and a performance of Arms.  Check out Quintessence on Facebook or for more information.